Design & Engineering

Our design center is equipped with state-of-the-art virtual design (3-D environment) facilities for design, simulation and analysis of the complete product range. These CAD/ CAE tools ensure faster delivery, accurate and better quality of design as per specifications. During design cycle using the CAD/ CAE tools virtual assembly, motion, critical speed and stress analysis is carried out which ensure design compatibility for manufacturing and performance at site. The design deliverable are compatible with CAM tools i.e. manufacturing the components using CNC Machines.

The design environment also facilitates Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, which is carried out for development and performance improvement of turbines. 

The design center is also equipped with Collaborative Product Data Management ( cPDM ) solutions which enables meeting the increasing demand and delivering the product faster by providing a single source data for design-through-manufacturing, together with highly efficient and consistent management of everyday task and process.  With the cPDM solutions, Engineering information/ design can be extended to shop floor which leads to reduction of errors during manufacturing.

The above facility is unique for Valve industry and gives us competitive advantage and delivering the product with better quality, optimum cost and shorter delivery cycle.